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Doug Bueckert

Doug Bueckert began weight training at 17 years of age to increase his strength to play football. When the season ended he continued lifting. For Doug, it was a motivator to discover how much he could change his body. He not only became stronger, which was his initial goal, but leaner and more muscular.

Wanting to see just how far he could take his physique, Doug entered his first bodybuilding competition in 1987. He won the Southern Alberta bodybuilding light heavyweight class and won the heavyweight class at the provincial championships.

Today, staying competitive helps him to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He juggles his cardio when his son's are in bed, and he's a firm believer in balanced eating habits.

In 2003, Doug was the INBA Canadian Master's bodybuilding champion. In 2005, he brought back the only silver medal (Master's category) for Canada from the INBA Natural Olympia in Las Vegas. 2007 was a banner year for Doug. At the INBA championships in Vancouver, Doug was the Masters Men: first place and Overall champion; Open Men: First place and Overall champion. Doug received his Pro card. In November of 2007, Doug won the INBA Masters Mr. Universe title and placed second in the Open Men's category. Doug never thought that he would still be competing at 45 years of age. He now sees his competitive future as open- ended.

Now that he is older, he knows there is more potential for injury, and so he trains smarter by listening to his body and modifying his workouts when needed. Good training form also allows him to train safely at a higher intensity. In addition to his competitive experience, Doug was the head trainer at One On One Personal Fitness Instruction Inc. for over 10 years.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced fitness participant, Doug takes pride in helping you to get in shape safely and effectively.

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