One On One Fitness

Sandra Bueckert

Looking for better training, she joined an all male gym. "From the minute I stepped into the place, I knew what feeling out of place was like, and I will never forget." says Sandra.

In 1988, she captured the Southern Alberta Middleweight Bodybuilding Champion title, and the Provincial and Overall Female Bodybuilding Champion. She then placed second in the Western Canadian Bodybuilding Championships. With credentials like these, she found that others in the gym turned to her for advice. Word spread that Sandra had the expertise to help people with their training. As her reputation grew, she began to think seriously about making it her life's work.

In 1989, Sandra began offering personal instruction in client's homes or, more often at the gyms where her clients were members "I hated taking my clients into crowed, impersonal gyms," she says. "I wanted my own place where, 'one-on-one', my clients could feel relaxed and comfortable and they would get the respect and attention they deserve.

Ultimately, bodybuilding led to a fulfilling career and brought her personal happiness, too: through a shared love of bodybuilding she met her husband and business partner, Doug Bueckert. Doug is also an accomplished bodybuilder.

Team One On One also includes trainers David Twan, Dayna Sticklemier, Jay Bakir and Codrut Curteanu. "Fitness is more than learning how to build muscle. Fitness can make a difference in how you think and how you feel about yourself," she says. "Most people don't know how strong and in control of their bodies they can be, and that's something to think about."

Today, Sandra and her team help clients achieve their own fitness goals. The emphasis isn't on body-building; One On One takes a balanced approach that aims for flexibility, aerobic capacity, strength and optimal weight.

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