One On One Fitness

Mike McEachern

 Michael received a football scholarship to attend Western Illinois University.  He spent five years there playing football and earning his degree in Exercise Science and Fitness. 

He earned all-conference honors in his junior and senior years. 

During his fourth year in university he was drafted 22nd overall in 2008 by the BC Lions.  He then graduated and proceeded to play in the CFL. He was sidelined by an ACL injury.

Michael has worked with a wide range of personal training clients.  He considers his teaching style to be instructive and very personal.

“The best part about personal training is the way it makes the client feel and how thankful they are”, he says. Michael believes that we are capable of more than we give ourselves credit for. “To hear my client say, I can't believe I just did that or when my clients get results, it's a huge compliment.”

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