One On One Fitness

David Twan

Hailing from Vernon, BC in the sunny Okanagan Valley, David came to Calgary to create a niche for himself in the Personal Training industry. Thriving on a thirst for knowledge, he came in search of a certain education in which he found at Mt. Royal College.

Once he quenched his thirst for knowledge with a diploma in Personal Fitness Training, he went in search of a home where he could share his knowledge with future clients.
He stumbled to and fro in his search with quick stops at local fitness gymnasiums until finally he found his current abode in One on One Personal Fitness Inc. Immediately, he knew One on One was a location in which his career could flourish for many years to come….and it has.

David has always attained a strong commitment to fitness and sports. In high school, he was co-captain for his basketball and volleyball teams. He started training with weights to enhance his performance in his selected sports and help him excel to a higher level. Little did he realize at the time that his passion for athletics would take him into his current chosen career. Throughout the years, he has always been involved in fitness in some form or another.

Nowadays, David maintains an active lifestyle by lifting weights, performing cardio in various forms such as rollerblading, running, hiking, biking and of course playing basketball. He personally enjoys all realms of training methods including bodybuilding, power lifting and functional training.

David has become a part of an extremely successful team of Personal Trainers at One on One. David says, “I have a lot of respect for the people I work with and continue to learn a lot from them as I hope they learn from me. It’s an amazing job I have here, coming to work to do something that I love where my reward is helping others achieve their goals by becoming healthier and happier people. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

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